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5.5 Start-up and operation


Set points

b Actual values


Adjustment buttons: left (-), right (+)

d Function buttons

For setting the sieving time, interval time, and amplitude, there is a pair

of buttons for each setting. The left button decreases the set point and

the right button increases it. Hold one of the buttons down to scroll

through the numbers more quickly.

5.5.1 Switching on

Switch on the machine with the main switch (which is located on the

underside of the control device). Zero will appear in each display.

5.5.2 Time

The sieving time is set in minutes in the set point / actual time display.

The maximum value is 99 minutes. After pressing "Start", the display

switches to the actual value display, which counts down the remaining

sieving time. When the set point has elapsed, the sieving process ends. If

no sieving time (set point 00) is provided, the machine will run without a

time limit.

Using the device

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