6 cleaning, 1 sieves, 2 device – FRITSCH ANALYSETTE 18 User Manual

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Mains voltage!
– Before beginning with cleaning work, disconnect the

mains plug and protect the device against being unin-

tentionally switched back on!

– Do not allow any liquids to flow into the device.
– Indicate cleaning work with warning signs.
– Put safety equipment back into operation after

cleaning work.

When cleaning the entire device, adhere to the guidelines of

the Accident Prevention Regulation (BGV A3) – especially if

the device has been set up in a dusty environment or if pro‐

cessing grinding stock that produces dust.

6.1 Sieves

Use of a brush can destroy the fine mesh wire of the sieve!
Only use mechanical assistance for coarse sieves.

With small mesh widths there is the danger that as a result

of shifting the position of the mesh wire, the sieve will no

longer have the correct mesh width.

We recommend using the "LABORETTE 17" ultrasonic cleaner to clean

the sieves. More powerful ultrasonic cleaners can destroy the mesh wire.

Place the sieve vertically or head first into the cleaning fluid.
As far as possible, clean the sieves after every use. The sieves can be

dried in a drying cabinet at a maximum of 95 °C (shorten the drying time

by rinsing with alcohol).

6.2 Device

The machine can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth when it is in the

switched off state. Use a solution composed of water and mild deter-

gent. Do not use solvents for cleaning.


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