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Exclusion of liability

Before using the product, be sure to have read and understood this

operating manual.
The use of the product requires technical knowledge; only commercial

use is permitted.
The product may be used exclusively within the scope of applications set

down in this operating manual and within the framework of guidelines

put forth in this operating manual and must be subject to regular main-

tenance. In case of non-compliance, improper use or improper mainte-

nance, the customer assumes full liability for the functional capability of

the product and for damage or injury arising from violating these obliga-

The contents of this operating manual are subject in entirety to copy-

right law. This operating manual and its contents may not be copied, fur-

ther distributed or stored in any form, in part or in whole, without the

prior written consent of Fritsch.
This operating manual has been prepared to the best of our knowledge

and checked for accuracy at the time of printing. FRITSCH GMBH

assumes no guarantee or liability whatsoever for the accuracy or com-

pleteness of the contents of this operating manual, including but not

limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a par-

ticular purpose, unless liability is expressly prescribed by applicable laws

or jurisprudence.
FRITSCH GMBH expressly reserves the right to modify and/or update this

operating manual without prior notice. The same applies to modifica-

tions and improvements to the products described in this operating

manual. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that they have the

current version of this operating manual. For more information, please

contact your local FRITSCH GMBH distributor or Fritsch GmbH, Industri-

estr. 8, D-55473 Idar-Oberstein.
Not all parts shown here are necessarily installed in the product. The

buyer is not entitled to delivery of these parts. If interested, please con-

tact your local FRITSCH GMBH distributor or Fritsch GmbH, Industriestr.

8, D-55743 Idar-Oberstein.
FRITSCH GMBH takes the greatest care to ensure that the quality, relia-

bility and safety of your products are continuously improved and

adapted to the state of the art. The supplied products as well as this

operating manual conform to the current state of the art when they

leave the sphere of influence of FRITSCH GMBH.
By using the product the customer agrees with this and recognizes that

defects, malfunctions or errors cannot be completely excluded. To pre-

vent risk of damage to persons or property or of other direct or indirect

damage, resulting from this or other causes, the customer must imple-

ment sufficient and comprehensive safety measures for working with the


Exclusion of liability

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