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2.2.1 Operating principle

The ANALYSETTE 18 uses a three-dimensional sieving action for test

sieves up to 450 mm in diameter. It has a self-adjusting amplitude. The

whole system is driven by an electromagnetic drive. The device features

a digital controller. Ten sieving parameter sets can be stored. As

standard, it is delivered with a separate control device, which is

equipped with a waterproof plug connection.

2.3 Obligations of the operator

Before using the ANALYSETTE 18, this manual is to be carefully read and

understood. The use of the ANALYSETTE 18 requires technical knowl-

edge; only commercial use is permitted.
The operating personnel must be familiar with the content of the oper-

ating manual. For this reason, it is very important that these persons

actually receive the present operating manual. Ensure that the operating

manual is always near the device.
The ANALYSETTE 18 may exclusively be used within the scope of applica-

tions set down in this manual and within the framework of guidelines

put forth in this manual. In case of non-compliance or improper use, the

customer assumes full liability for the functional capability of the ANALY-

SETTE 18 and for any damage or injury arising from failure to fulfil this

By using the ANALYSETTE 18 the customer agrees with this and recog-

nizes that defects, malfunctions or errors cannot be complete excluded.

To prevent risk of damage to persons or property or of other direct or

indirect damage, resulting from this or other causes, the customer must

implement sufficient and comprehensive safety measures for working

with the ANALYSETTE 18.
Neither compliance with this manual nor the conditions and methods

used during installation, operation, use and maintenance of the ANALY-

SETTE 18 can be monitored by Fritsch GmbH. Improper execution of the

installation can result in property damage and thus endanger persons.

Therefore, we assume absolutely no responsibility or liability for loss,

damage or costs that result from errors at installation, improper opera-

tion or improper use or improper maintenance or are in any way con-

nected to these.
The applicable accident prevention guidelines must be complied with.
Generally applicable legal and other obligatory regulations regarding

environmental protection must be observed.

2.4 Information on hazards and symbols used in this manual

Safety information in this manual is designated by symbols. Safety infor-

mation is introduced by keywords that express the extent of the hazard.

Safety information

Safety information and use

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