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It is hereby confirmed that FRITSCH has implemented the directive

2002/95/EC of the European Parliament and Council from 27th January

2003 for the limitation of the use of certain dangerous substances in

electrical and electronic devices.
FRITSCH has registered the following categories according to the German

electrical and electronic equipment act, section 6, paragraph 1, clause 1

and section 17, paragraphs 1 and 2:
Mills and devices for the preparation of samples have been registered

under category 6 for electrical and electronic tools (except for large sta-

tionary industrial tools).
Analytical devices have been registered under category 9, monitoring

and control instruments.
It has been accepted that FRITSCH is operating only in the business-to-

business area. The German registration number for FRITSCH is WEEE reg.

no. DE 60198769
Since the registration of FRITSCH is classified for bilateral transactions,

no legal recycling or disposal process is described. FRITSCH is not obliged

to take back used FRITSCH devices.
FRITSCH declares it is prepared to take back used FRITSCH devices for

recycling or disposal free of charge whenever a new device is purchased.

The used FRITSCH device must be delivered free of charge to a FRITSCH

In all other cases FRITSCH takes back used FRITSCH devices for recycling

or disposal only against payment.


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