Guarantee terms – FRITSCH ANALYSETTE 18 User Manual

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This guarantee excludes any costs for transport, packaging or travel that

accrue in the event the product must be sent to us or in the event that

one of our specialist technicians is required to come to your site. Any

servicing done by persons not authorised by us and any use of parts that

are not original FRITSCH accessories and spare parts will void the guar-


The guarantee period will neither extend nor will a new period of guar-

antee begin in the event that a claim is placed against the guarantee.
Please provide a detailed description of the type of error or the com-

plaint. If no error description is enclosed, we shall interpret the shipment

as an assignment to remedy all recognisable errors or faults, including

those not covered by the guarantee. Errors or faults not covered by the

guarantee shall in this case be rectified at cost.
We recommend reading the operating manual before contacting us or

your dealer, in order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.
Ownership of defective parts is transferred to us with the delivery of the

replacement part; the defective part shall be returned to us at buyer's


Please note that in the event that the device must be

returned, the device must be shipped in the original Fritsch

packaging. Fritsch GmbH denies all liability for any damage

due to improper packaging (packaging not from Fritsch).

Any enquiries must include a reference to the serial number imprinted

on the type plate.

Costs not covered by the guarantee

Further information about the guar-


Guarantee terms

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