Maintenance – FRITSCH ANALYSETTE 18 User Manual

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If a machine part and the corresponding equipment is

replaced or changed, this part has to be checked again in

accordance with EN 60 204‐1. We recommend that you con‐

tact our service team in the event of a fault or malfunction:
Fritsch GmbH
Milling and Sizing
Industriestraße 8
D ‐ 55743 Idar‐Oberstein
Phone: +49 (0)6784/ 70‐0
Fax: +49 (0)6784/ 70‐11

To make it possible to localise the error that has occurred, the LED dis-

play temporarily shows (approx. 5 seconds) a corresponding error code

in the form ‘E nn’ in the first row.
E 00 - 04
If this display appears, there is an error in the machine's electronics. In

this case the machine has to be returned.

The device should be sent in for a maintenance check in our

factory at least every two years.


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