KEYENCE GT2 Series User Manual

Gt2-70, Series setting guid, High-accuracy digital contact sensor

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High-accuracy Digital Contact Sensor


Series Setting Guid

Amplifier Display

Names of the part of the amplifier

Digital LED Display

The main display can be switched by pressing the left/right arrow

P.V. : Displays a value used for output judgment.

Calc : Displays a calculated value when used.
R.V. : Displays the raw, actual detection value.
HH : Displays the HH setting value when used

HI : Displays the HIGH setting value.
LOW : Displays the LOW setting value.
LL : Displays the LL setting value when used.

PRESET : Displays the value which would be set when the [PRESET]
button is pressed.

Setup Functions

Set the current value to “0”

1. Set the master target which should be “0”.

2. Press the [PRESET] button.

3. The current value would be set to “0”.

Set the HIGH and LO tolerance.

1. Press the left/right arrow buttons until the [HIGH]/[LO] setting

display appears.

2. Input the HIGH or LO tolerance by pressing the up/down arrow


3. The HIGH and LO tolerance would be set.

Setting the Key Lock

1. Press the MODE and the up arrow button for at least 2 seconds.

2. The Key Lock display would appear.

Canceling the Key Lock

1. When the Key Lock is set, press the MODE and the up arrow button

for at least 2 seconds.

2. The Key Lock would be cancelled.

Initializing the sensor

1. Press the SET button 5 times while pressing the MODE button.

2. “” would appear, press the up/down arrow button and select


3. Press the MODE button. The sensor would be initialized.

Digital LED display

Status indicator

Arrow buttons

Detection level




Bank indicator

Timing input


Bar LEDs

High position indicator/

Low position indicator

Preset indicator

PV indicator

[MODE] button

1. P.V. value display

2. Calculated value display


3. R.V. value display

5. HIGH setting value display

6. LOW setting value display

8. Preset value setup display

Master workpiece

HIGH setting value display

LOW setting value display

Keylock display

Keylock cancel display


Special output indicator

[SET] button

4. HH setting value display

while using 5-output function


7. LL setting value display

while using 5-output function