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Page 22: Turning a square corner

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To turn a square comer 5/8" {16 mm) from

the fabric edge, stop stitching with the
needle tip piercing the fabric, when reaching
the cornering guide as shown. Raise the

presser foot, turn fabric. New stitching line
will align with 5/8" (16 mm) seam guide on
side of needle plate. Lower the presser foot

and begin stitching in new direction.


This is a seam you may want to show off. It's
on the front side of the garment, possibly at
the top of a "kick pleat" or on a lapel, both

functional and decorative. Usually, it's a
simple, forward stitch — with an extra-long

stitch length, or with special thread, match­
ing or contrasting.



Darning plate
No Presser Foot

Remove presser foot, stretch fabric between

embroidery hoops with hole centred. Draw
the bobbin thread up through the fabric by

holding the top thread and making one stitch

at the spot where you wish to start darning.

Lowering the presser bar, start sewing at a

slow to medium speed. Move the fabric back
and forth with a steady rhythm to cover the
darning area. When it is covered, turn the

fabric and sew another layer of stitching
across the first layer of stitching.


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