Threading twin-needles, Meedle – SINGER W ET 10 User Manual

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Twin neaiie is available as an optional extra.

Tc^ thread Vision contrd

A twin-needle produces two rows of parallel

stitches for pin tucks, double top stitching
and decorative sewing.

Use only the following stitches when sewing

with twin-needles.

1. Straight stitch

2. First of the 5 narrow zig-zag stitches

3. Blind stitch
4. Triple straight stitch

Never use a twin-needle wider than 1/12''
(1.8 mm).

Never set zig-zag width with twin-needles
beyond the range illustrated alongside.


1. Fit the extra spool pin as shown in page 7.

Place a spool on each spool pin. Thread

the two threads as one using the double
thread guides provided. Draw one thread
through each of these and then through

each needle from front to back.

2. Pick up bobbin thread as for single needle

sewing. Pull the three threads together
under the presser foot to the back of the

machine, leaving about 6” (15 cm) clear.


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