Setting up your machine, Foot control, Power/light switch – SINGER W ET 10 User Manual

Page 8: Presser foot lever, Knowing your machine - 3, Power/ light switch

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1. Be sure your machine is resting securely on

a sturdy, flat surface.

2. Before using your machine the first time be

sure to wipe off any surplus oil from around

the needle plate area that may have remained
during transit.

It is also advisable to run the machine
unthreaded with some spare material under

the presser foot, to absorb any excess oil.


Push foot control plug into the connector

socket at the bottom right-hand side of the
machine. (See also page 18).


Your machine will not operate until the power

switch is turned on. The same switch controls
both the power and the light.

If you are interrupted, or stop sewing, or leave

the machine unattended, the power light switch
must be switched off or the plug must be
removed from the socket-outlet.
When servicing the machine, or when removing

covers or changing needles or lamps, the
machine must be disconnected from the mains
by removing the plug from the socket-outlet.


The presser foot lever raises and lowers your
presser foot.

1 • Lower the presser foot lever to sew.

2. Raise the presser foot lever and the pressure

of the presser foot will be released to insert or
remove thin or thick fabrics.

3. Extra height of the presser foot can be

obtained by lifting the presser foot thumb
screw by finger to allow insertion of thicker

NOTE; Presser foot pressure is set at the

factory. No adjustment is required.

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