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Stitch setectcsr


Depending upon your fabric or your own

preference in buttonholes, you may alter the

buttonhole stitch density within the blue
buttonhole range on the stitch length control.


turn the control towards

2. For less density, turn the control towards

O .


Carefully mark the buttonhole length on your

garment. Mount the buttonhole guide onto
the presser foot so that rear edge of presser

foot is at the rear end of the guide as shown

right. Place the fabric with the buttonhole

marked under the buttonhole guide. Slide the

guide forward so that the needle pierces the

fabric at the beginning of the buttonhole.

You have been provided with a standard

buttonhole guide for making buttonholes.
Reproduction of the identical size button­
holes is facilitated with the aid of the

graduations on the guide. Graduations act as
reference mark.



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