Button hole sewing fit the button hole foot, User tips – SINGER W1766 User Manual

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Fit the button hole foot.

Set the stitch length dial within the green markthg to achieve the correct density

(closeness) of satin stitch. (


) Sew in the sequence illustrated (1) selecting

patterns 18, 19, 20 and 19 again.



Always sew a sample buttonhole on some spare fabric as settings will change

according to the fabric used. For very thin, stretchy or other difficult fabrics

try using interfacing (vilene) or tissue or other paper underneath the fabric to aid

machine feeding.

Always use the Buttonhole foot using its calibrated markings to measure the

buttonhole length. On suitable fabric, a corded buttonhole can be sewn taking

care that the zig-zag stitches of the buttonhole oversew the cord. (2)

Carefully cut between the sides (beads) of the buttonhole with the seam ripper

using a pin through the end bar tack (2) to prevent the seam ripper going too far.

The top tension may be reduced to achieve a better looking buttonhole.