Freehand embroidery, Twin needle (optional) – SINGER W1766 User Manual

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TWIN NEEDLE (optional)

Thread machine as for normal sewing using both spool pins and pass the threads

through the same procedure but through the eye of each needle.

NB. Sewing width should not exceed the third widest stitch width, exceeding

this will result in breaking of needles.

Suitable for stitch numbers 1, 2, 3 and 13 only.


In freehand embroidery, unlike mechanically controlled stitching, feeding of the

fabric is done by hand without assistance from feed dogs.

Fit darning plate as described on page 12 and set stitch patterns from 1-5 as


A round embroidery hoop is generally used. Use wooden or plastic hoops with

an adjusting screw.

Stretch the fabric tight accross

the hoop and sew whilst moving

the hoop to create the desired