Threading, Threading the machine – SINGER 1036 Creative Touch User Manual

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threading the machine


• Raise take-up lever to its highest position by

turning hand wheel toward you. Raise
presser foot to release the tension discs.

1. Lead thread from spool holder and snap it

down into thread guidepost A.

2. Raise console cover and thread the rear thread

guide by holding thread in left hand and guiding
it over wing B and into channel C.

3. Draw thread firmly between tension discs,

down right-hand channel, and up left-hand

4. Thread take-up lever D by guiding thread

down over top of lever and then up into

5. Lead thread from take-up lever down into

left channel and then into lower thread
guides E and F.

• Thread the needle from front to back and

draw about 4 inches (10cm) of thread
through eye of needle. A needle threader
may be purchased separately at your local
Singer Sewing Center.

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