Twin-needle stitching, Preparation, Threading the needie – SINGER 1036 Creative Touch User Manual

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By using a twin needle, you can produce
simultaneously two parallel, closely spaced

lines of straight or zig-zag stitching. Effective

for decoration, twin-needle stitching is not

recommended for seams or for use on knits.

Soft fabrics should be sewn with a paper or
fabric backing.


1. Clip detachable spool pin to guide post as


2. Thread machine as instructed on page 8,

making certain thread passes on right side

of tension disc.

3. Wind bobbin with enough thread to com­

plete stitching. (Since a bobbin cannot be
filled after a twin needle is inserted, it is

wise to keep an extra wound bobbin at

hand for replacement.)

NOTE: When inserting a previousiy wound

bobbin, foiiow the instructions on page 11.

4. Close slide plate and raise bobbin thread.

5. Cut thread about four inches from needle,

and unthread the needle.

6. Remove the- single needle and insert the

twin needle.

threading the needie

1. Pass thread through right eye of needle.

2. Place spool of thread on detachable spool

pin and thread machine as for one-needle
stitching except:
Pass thread on left side of tension disc.

• Thread through remaining points making

certain to omit the thread guide above the

needle and pass thread through left eye

of needle.


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