SINGER 1036 Creative Touch User Manual

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• Place the button you intend to use on the

button carrier of the one-step buttonhole
foot and slide clamp toward back to secure
button. For use without a button, set the
clamp with the gauge lines on the carrier.
See page 29.

• Draw needle and bobbin threads under foot

to back of machine.

« Place garment between foot and underpiate.

Align buttonhole guideline markings with
the red guidelines on the foot. Lower foot.

• Press buttonhole lever toward you.

• Start machine and let it stitch the entire but­

tonhole. Maintain an even sewing speed

(and use the same rate of speed for each
buttonhole you sew).

« Stop machine when stitching starts to over­

lap the starting bar tack. Move stitch-width

dial to /6\ setting and take one or two
fastening stitches.

• Remove work from machine, clip thread

ends, and cut button opening. For additional
information on the cutting of button open­
ings, refer to page 30. If necessary, reset
stitch-width dial on red | for next but­

When buttonholes are completed, push but­
tonhole lever up into machine and reset dials
for regular sewing. To remove buttonhole foot

press down on the button carrier on both sides

of the presser foot shank.

Turn to page 28 for information about adjusting

test buttonhole.

Place Button on Carrier


i //





Engaging Buttonhole Lever


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