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principal parts and what they do

1. Console Cover protects against dust, is

hinged for easy access to controls.

2. Stitch-balance Dial adjusts balance of

Flexi-Stitch patterns and buttonholes.

3. Pattern-selector Release Lever unlocks

the pattern selecter.

4. Pattern Selector controls pointer on

stitch panel.

5. Stitch-width Dial controls zig-zag stitch


6. Needle-position Ring places needle in

e i t h e r J „ ( l e f t ) , ( c e n t e r ) ,
or (right) stitching position.

7. Stitch Pattern Panel pictures stitches

and allows for quick selection.

8. Take-up Lever controls flow of needle


9. Pressure Dial regulates presser-foot

pressure on fabric.

10. Rear Thread Guide holds needle thread

firmly in place while sewing.

11. Snap-in Thread Guidepost eliminates

possible tangling of thread.

12. Presser-foot Lifter, at back of machine,

allows you to raise and lower the presser

13. Thread Cutter is built into presser bar for

safety and convenience.

14. Buttonhole Lever sets the machine for


15. Thread Guides

16. Zig-zag Foot holds fabric against feed.

17. F//p & Sew* Panel converts machine for

free-arm sewing.

18. Zig-zag Plate secured by magnets.

Guidelines on right and left sides help
you keep seams straight.

19. Soft-touch Feed moves fabric under

presser foot. Soft surface does not injure

fabric, even the most delicate.

20. Bobbin Latch allows you to switch from

sewing to bobbin winding without remov­
ing bobbin.

21. Transparent Bobbin shows thread supply.

22. Slide Plate has a window to show bobbin

thread supply at a glance.

23. Needle Clamp holds single and twin nee­

dles. It is designed to eliminate the

possibility of inserting needle back­


24. Tension Dial lets you select just the right

tension for your stitch, thread and fabric.

25. Built-in Sewing Light illuminates sewing


26. Stitch-length Dial allows for a variety of

stitch lengths. To reverse stitching,

press dial all the way down and hold in

27. Electrical Connections and Speed Con­


28. Power and Light Switch turns on the

m a c h i n e a n d t h e s e w i n g l i g h t


29. Hand Wheel controls movement of take-

up lever and needle.

30. Friction-free Spool Holder, with horizon­

tal pin holds spools of various sizes.

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