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stitch Pattern



/ Length

I A/w\-^


The One-step Buttonhole Foot allows you to
stitch complete buttonholes for buttons up to

1-1/2 inches in a single step.

NOTE; See page 28 in reference to stitching
complete buttonholes and stitch balance.

Red symbols indicate buttonhole settings

• Stitch; Buttonhole ||

• Stitch Width: Red | (approximately! to


• Needle Position: J,

• Stitch Length: Within

• Stitch Balance: Neutral

• Speed:


• Zig-Zag Plate

• One-step Buttonhole Foot


1. Fill bobbin with enough thread to complete

buttonholes. The bobbin cannot be conve­
niently filled after the buttonhole foot is at­

2. Attach the zig-zag plate and one-step but­

tonhole foot. Then pull down buttonhole


• To attach one-step buttonhole foot, place

buttonhole foot behind the needle, then
guide it forward. Center the foot under
the shank and lower the presser foot lifter
so that the shank fits over the presser

foot pin. Press presser foot screw down
firmly until foot snaps into place.

3. Set all dials on red symbols as illustrated.

Set the stitch-length dial midway between
6 and 1 2 in the buttonhole area. Use this
setting for your test buttonhole and then in­
crease it or decrease it as necessary. See

page 28.

4. Set stitch-balance dial in neutral position.

Adjust if necessary to balance stitch den­
sity on right and left sides of the but­
tonhole. See page 28.

Stitch Balance


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