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Page 36: Corded seams, Construction details

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At the notions counter in your Singer Sewing
Center, you wiil find many different kinds of
zippers, one of which wili be just right for
whatever you wish to sew. How the zipper is

inserted will depend on the type of garment

and the location of the zipper. The zipper

package wili contain easy-to-foliow instruc­

tions. And, if you use the zipper foot, you wiii
find it easy to form an even iine of stitching
close to the zipper.

Zipper Foot to
Right of Needle

Zipper Foot to
Left of Needie

• Stitch: Straight [

• Stitch Width:

• Needie Position:

• Stitch Length: 10 to 15

• Straight-Stitch Plate

• Zipper Foot


When the zipper is to the right of the needie:

• Attach right side of zipper foot to shank

(needie wiii enter right notch in foot).

When the zipper is to the ieft of the needie:

• Attach ieft side of zipper foot to shank (nee­

die wiii enter left notch in foot).


The corded seam is a professionai treatment
for slipcovers, children’s clothes, blouses,
and lingerie. To make a corded seam, make
the welting first (or buy it ready-made at a no­
tions counter), then stitch it into the seam. For
both steps, use the zipper foot to place the
stitching close to the cord.

CAUTION: Use the pattern selector to select
straight stitch before attaching zipper foot to

the machine. This eliminates the possibility of

needle breakage.

Zipper Insertion


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