Needles, Accessories – SINGER 1036 Creative Touch User Manual

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The accessories that come with your sewing

machine are designed to help you do many
kinds of sewing easily.

1. Transparent Bobbins (No. 181551)

2. Needles . ..

• Style 2020 for all-purpose sewing.

• Style 2045 for sewing knits, stretch

fabrics and elastic.

• Style 2025t for twin-needle decorative


3. Zig-Zag Foot and Zig-Zag Plate, on your

machine when delivered. Use them for

aiternating between straight and zig-zag
stitching as well as utility zig-zag sewing.
They can also be used for straight-stitch­

ing firm fabrics. Numbers on piate indi­
cate distance from needle in eighths of

an inch from center needle position.

4. Straight-stitch Foot and Straight-stitch

Plate. Use these when your fabric or
sewing procedure requires close control.

Numbers on plate indicate distance from
needle in eighths of an inch.

These accessories, recommended for all

straight-stitch sewing, are especialiy

helpful for edge stitching and collar
pointing, or for stitching delicate or

spongy fabrics.

5. Special-purpose Foot. Use this for ail

kinds of decorative stitching.

6. Button Foot hoids most flat buttons

securely for fastening.

7. One-Step Buttonhole Foot aiiows you to

stitch a complete buttonhole up to 1 -1 /2
inches in a single step. It determines the
correct buttonhole length, either by plac­

ing button in foot or by using gauge iines.

tCAUTION: Use this needle with the zig-zag

plate and zig-zag foot or special-purpose foot


Do not use any other accessories with

this needle as needle breakage will occur.

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