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Always test-stitch seams on fabric scraps

before stitching your garment. This will ena­
ble you to get the feel of handling the fabric.

Aiso, it wiii indicate whether tension, pres­
sure, stitch length, needle and thread are cor­

To avoid tangled threads on the underside of
the fabric, it is important to start and end
seams carefuily.

• Raise the take-up iever to its highest posi­

tion by turning the hand wheei toward you or

pressing iightly on the speed controlier.
Raise presser foot.

• Draw needle and bobbin threads under foot

and place them diagonally to right.

• Hold thread ends and with a iight touch on

the speed controlier or by turning the hand
wheei toward you, position needle in fabric
about V


inch from fabric edge.

• Lower the presser foot.

• Press stitch-iength dial all the way down

and hold in place.

• Start machine and backstitch to edge of

fabric. (Do not sew beyond edge of fabric.)

• Release the stitch-length dial and sew in

forward direction.

Draw Threads

Under Foot


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