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As all machines are correctly adjusted before leaving the factory and readjusted

dealer delivers them to you, the lower tension seldom requires to be altered,

becomes necessary, tighten the screw in the tension spring on the outside of

case for more tension, or loosen the screw slightly for lesser tension (Fig. 1 6 1 .

before the

but, if this

the bobbin



the. ^¿titch Jle4ix^.th

The length of stitch can be changed by adjusting the stitch

length regulating lever "L" (Fig. 1 7 ) ,

When the lever is at 0 the material is not being fed through
the machine.

To change stitch length, loosen lock screw "S” by turning it
to the left.
Now move the lever gradually downward to feed material for­

ward and to lengthen stitch.
The indicattes the length of stitch. Set lever to desired
length of stitch and lock the screw by turning to the right.
To sew backward move stitch regulating lever upward past

0 until it stops.

Machine will automatical! maintain same length of stitch for­

ward and backward.









Fig. 17