F^ame. s’ocu poat – SINGER W3051 User Manual

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f^ame. S’OcU poAt

Automatic darner

(Pressure regulator)

Pressure release lever

Take-up lever

Upper arm thread guide

Zigzag disc chamber

Spool pins

Top plate

Balance wheel

bbin winder release

Bobbin winder

Stitch length indicating window

Stitch length regulating lever

Stitch length regulating dial

Bobbin winder thread guide

Drop Feed push button

Drop Feed release button



Feed dog

Slide plate

Hinged presser Foot

Pressure Foot thumb screw


Needle clamp

Thread cutter

Arm thread guide

Thread guide tension arm

Thread tension indicator

Check spring

Lock screw For indicator ¿31

Zigzag indicator

Zigzag width adjusting lever