SINGER W3051 User Manual

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Turn balance wheel toward you to raise needle to its highest position. Raise

presser bar and remove regular presser foot. Attach button sewing Foot

shown in Fig. 25. Drop the feed as required for darning and embroidery.

Upper and lower thread tensions remain the same as for ordinary sewing.

Place material or garment with button under the presser foot, so that

holes in button line up with oblong opening in presser foot.

With zigzag stitch (ever “B” (Fig. 23) adjust width of zig zag stitch to

permit needle to pass through center of holes in button. Before sewing

with power, turn balance wheel by hand (toward you) making one stitch

into each hole in the button, to be sure that needle clears. Then sew

five to six stitches to attach button. Move zigzag stitch lever "B” (Fig.

23) to 0 and take two or three stitches through the same hole to lock thread,

machine and snip threads.

When attaching four-hole buttons, follow above procedure twice.

Fig. 25

Remove garment fror