*/a re<^44iate the p^eddu^ a^ the. p^mm-e/i. ^aat, Re<^44iate the p^eddu^ a^ the. p^mm-e/i. ^aat – SINGER W3051 User Manual

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Re<^44iate the P^eddu^ a^ the. P^mM-e/i. ^aat

Light material will not sew well under too much pressure, nor will heavy Fabrics under too little.

To adjust for correct pressure, use your automatic darner. When used right in co-ordination with t

thread tension regulator and the drop feed dial, this automatic darner becomes an effective tool for

good sewing results.

To regulate the pressure for darning and enbroidering press release lever dcwn there by releasing pressure

Make sure presser foot is down when pressing lever. For ordinary sewing, push automatic darner dcwn