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Be sure to stop the machine when the thread take-up lever

and needle bar are located at the highest position. Now raise
the presser foot and draw the fabric back and to the left, Fig.

21-A and B, and pass the threads over the thread cutter.

Pull down slightly, holding thread in both hands, so as not

to bend the needle.

Leave the ends of thread under the presser foot.


Fig. 21-A

Be sure zigzag presser foot and zigzag needle plate are in


The satin stitch. Fig. 22,

which is really just a very short
zigzag stitch and the basis for
most embroidery, is obtained by setting the stitch length as
near 0 as possible without stopping the feeeding action.

The width may be set anywhere from just past 0 to the

widest, 4.

Fig. 22

Fig. 21-B