SINGER W167 User Manual

Page 23

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Fig. 33

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LACE EDGE WITH INVISIBLE STITCHING Hold lace 1/8 inch from raw edge on right side

jf fabric. Insert both in scroll as for plain narrow hem (Fig. 33). Let hem roll over and sew

in lace. Press lace out flat along edge with hem turned up. It is possible to have a little full-

iiess in lace by feeding it freely under scroll.

FRENCH SEAM With right side together, place top piece of material 1/8 inch inside egde

of lower piece. Insert in hemmer scroll, allowing hem to roll over and sew in top fabric, making

french seam.

FLAT FELLED SEAM Open out French seam and insert rolled edge in scroll of hemmer.

Edgestitch to lay seam flat.

HAND ROLLED EFFECT Use a narrow zigzag stitch, just wide enough to catch both edges

o f

the narrow, rolled hem.

QUILTING GUIDE This guide for making parallel rows of stitching is attached by placing

the pronged holder between the presser foot and the presser foot thumb screw (Fig. 34) Adjust
the curved bar to press lightly on the fabric. By letting the guide ride on the first stitching line,

successive rows will be an equal distance apart. When the bar is attached so that the curved part

IS to the right of the needle, it may also serve as a seam width guide.