Embroidering with a hoop, Darning, Embroidery with a hoop – SINGER W167 User Manual

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It is easy to follow a stamped design or to work

ree hand when embroidering or monogramming. ( See

' i g . 2 7 )

Release the pressure from the foot by pressing

Jown the snap look on the automatic darner. Turn

Irop feed knob to DOWN position (See. Fig. 19).

Stretch the fabric in an embroidery hoop, and

place under the needle after removing the presser

foot. Set the stitch width at the size you prefer and

lower the presser bar lifter. Then operate the machine at a rather high speed while moving the

hoop slowly with both hands. Work carefully and be sure to keep fingers out of the path of the


Fig. 27


Release pressure from foot and drop feed as directed above.

Place fabric to be mended under foot, and stitch around hole, moving the fabric firmly and

lowly in any direction. Be sure to hold the fabric taut or skipped stitches will be encountered