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Adjusting the stitch width

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To stitch continuously at one width of zigzag stitching set lock d rig. idc i to hold zigzat

lover at width chosen. Should you wish to move freely between any two widths, in doing fr&
hiind embroidery, move zigzag width lever to the right and set left hand stop at desired width

Then move lever to the left and set the right hand stop. To move stops, press with thumb ant

move to selected position.
iSmbroidery Patterns

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With the machine set for a short stitch length, different designs can be made by swinging thi

stitch width or zigzag lever back and forth between 0 and 4 or any other combination of widths

Try setting the locks at 1 and 4, 2 and 3, etc. Set a rhythm for yourself and


After a while you will become quite skillful, varyinq your desiqns by the speed of the machine

stitch length and width end the manipulation of the lever;


You can sew the patterns A, B, C and D when you set the button hole change lever 23 Fig


at M position. When you set the lever at red point position beside the first step for button

hole, you get E, F, G and H patterns by operating stitch width lever back and forth between C

and 4.

A & E Sew a few stitches at 4 width, then quickly

move lever back to 0 for a short period.

Count, if necessary, to establish a rhythm.

13 & F Set stops at 2 and 4, then move lever slowly







C & G Set stops at 1 and 4. Gradually move lever

from 1 to 4, then snap it back quickly to 1.

D & H Set both stops at 4, stitch length at IT's- Do

a few zigzag stitches, drop feed for 3 or 4

stitches then raise it again. By operating the
drop feed knob rhythmically it is not neces­
sary to count stitches.

Fig. 24