Instructions for using attachments – SINGER 221-1 Featherweight User Manual

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Worn or torn areas on household

textiles and clothing can be darned

eflfortlessly and quickly with little
practice. Adjust Stitch Length Reg­

ulator for desired stitch length and
decrease pressure by turning thumb
screw up (see page 19). The pressure
should be lighter than for normal
sewing but not too light to prevent
work from feeding smoothly.

Place portion to be darned under

the presser foot. Lower presser bar
and start stitching, alternately allow­
ing fabric to feed normally away
from you and then gently pulling
fabric toward you. Continue this for­

ward and backward motion until area

to be darned is filled with parallel
lines of stitching. For reinforcement
or additional strength, cover area with

cross-side lines of stitching. Open
areas require an underlay. Baste

underlay in place before darning.


Instructions for using


Those attachments which are not furnished with your machine are
available for purchase at your local SINGER SEWING CENTER.

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