SINGER 221-1 Featherweight User Manual

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The binder is used to apply commercial

binding as well as self-fabric bias to an

unfinished edge.

This colorful trim is attractive when

applied to children’s wear, aprons and

household textiles. It is a practical finish

for seam edges that ravel and for making

bound seams.

Inserting the Binding

Pre-folded commercial bias tape is

inserted from the right into slot of the

binder scroll.

• Cut the binding diagonally to form a

long point.

• Insert pointed end

into slot and pull

through scroll.

Self-fabric binding

should be cut

wide on the true


• Insert unfolded binding

directly into opening at end

of scroll and

pull through.

As binding passes through scroll raw

edges are turned in.



Adjustment and Operation

of the Binder

The edge to be bound is guided

into center of scroll. Stitching is

positioned close to edge of binding

by adjusting scroll portion of at­

• Loosen adjusting screw. Move

scroll to the right or left as neces-


Be sure that screw is well tight­

ened after making an adjustment.

Never pull binding as it feeds

through scroll. Allow attachment to

do the work. Merely guide edge to

be bound well into center of scroll
as you stitch.

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