SINGER 221-1 Featherweight User Manual

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Zipper Insertion

Many diflferent types of

zippers are available for
everything you sew. There
are several satisfactory meth­
ods for insertion. Detailed
sewing instructions are in­
cluded in zipper packaging.
For any method used, the
Zipper Foot enables you to
form an even line of stitch­
ing close to the zipper.
When the zipper is to the

right of the needle—

• Adjust the Zipper Foot to

the left of the needle.

When the zipper is to the
left of the needle—

• Adjust the Zipper Foot to

the right of the needle.



Corded Welting

Cable cord comes in a variety of

sizes and when covered with a firmly

woven fabric makes a welting that is
an excellent seam finish.

This welting is prepared in advance

and then stitched into the seam. Cut a

true bias strip 1^4 inches wide, plus

three times the width of the cord of

either self or contrasting fabric. Sew

strips together on the lengthwise grain

to obtain desired length.

Adjust zipper foot to left side of


Encase cord in bias strip, raw

edges even.
Lower presser bar.
Stitch close to cord, using a stitch

length slightly longer than for

regular seaming.
Do not crowd stitching against


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