SINGER 221-1 Featherweight User Manual

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Hemming With Lace

Lace edgings can be applied with the

Foot Hemmer to trim lingerie hems, chil­

dren’s clothes, etc.

Lace Applied Over Hem

• Fold and start hem in usual way.
• Starting about 1 inch down from end of

lace, place selvage under the needle,

then lower the needle to hold lace


• Raise hemmer foot slightly and slip lace

under back part of foot.

• Stitch slowly, guiding fabric with right

hand and lace with left hand. Take care

not to stretch the lace.

Lace Applied Under Hem

When using lace underneath the fold of

a hem, the procedure is the same as when

making a hemmed seam (page 2 5). Slip

the lace in from the left as you would the

second piece of fabric.

This method is used where a neat finish

is desired on both sides of the material.




The seam guide is

adjustable for spac­

ing stitching at any

distance between

Vt" and IH" from a

fabric edge.



Stay stitching

Top stitching—single and multiple rows

• Attach the guide to the machine with the

thumb screw in either of the threaded

holes at the right of the needle.

• Adjust for width desired.

• For straight edges, align guide with the

presser foot.

• For curved edges, set the guide at an

angle so that the end closest to the

needle acts as a guide.

• For pinned seams, place the pins with

the points toward the seam edge so that

they nip into the fabric at the stitching

line. The hinged foot will then ride

freely over the points.

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