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Intellinav 2

When using Intellinav 2, please make sure you are
operating the device in compliance with all local, state,
and federal regulations. It is the sole responsibility of the
driver of the vehicle to operate the vehicle in a safe
manner and not become distracted by Intellinav. User
should not operate the controls of Intellinav while you
are driving. Netropa shall not be liable for any accident.

Warning: When used in a vehicle, it is the sole
responsibility of the driver of the Intellinav system to
place and secure the device where it will not interfere
with the vehicle's operation controls and/or safety
devices. The driver should mount the device where it
does not obstruct the driver's view of the road or cause
any damage or personal injury in the event of an
accident. The mounting accessory included in the
package is not warranted against collision damage or
the consequences thereof.

Do not mount where driver's field of vision is blocked.

Do not mount over airbag panels or in the field of
airbag deployment.

Do not place unsecured on the vehicle dash.

Netropa shall not be liable for any environmental

conditions that may influence the operation of your
Intellinav 2.

An inexperience driver shall not use the Intellinav

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is operated by the
United States government, which is solely responsible
for the accuracy and availability of GPS. The system is
subject to changes that could affect accuracy and
availability of your device.

The utmost preparation is given to this manual. With
constant improvements and upgrades, Netropa cannot
guarantee for all contents to be most current and
entirely up-to-date. Information contain in this guide is
subject to change without notice and we shall not be
liable for technical and/or editorial errors of this guide.

Map data:
The manufacturer/ supplier of the data is NAVTEQ
North America, LLC, 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite
900, Chicago, Illinois 60654.

MINNESOTA: State law from these states prohibits
drivers of any motor vehicle from placing, displaying,

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