System specifications – Intellinav 2 User Manual

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Intellinav 2

The Intellinav 2 has the following specifications:

SiRF Star III GPS chipset

SAMSUNG S3C2412 266Mhz CPU

64 MB NAND flash + 64 MB SDRAM onboard

3.5-inch 16.7M Colors TFT LCD with touch panel

SD memory slot for map data, MP3, or photos

Built-in 1 watt speaker

Built-in GPS antenna

WinCE 5.0 OS Kernel

Up to 3 hours Battery Life (Rechargeable Internal
Lithium-ion battery 1100 mA )

MP3 Player

Photo Viewer

Hot Start: 1 sec., average

Warm Start: 38 sec., average

Cold Start: 42 sec., average

180+ g Weight

Dimensions: 100 x 80 x 22mm / 4 x 3.2 x 0.9inches

System Specifications