Intellinav 2 User Manual

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Intellinav 2

Entering Data on the Intellinav System

The Intellinav system doesn't have a keyboard. Instead,
you tap the screen to enter data. When you are entering
data, a screen containing the letters of the alphabet

As you tap the buttons on the keyboard, the list at the
top of the screen scrolls to show the next item that
matches the letters you've tapped.

If you need to enter numbers, tap the 1-2-3 button, and
the numeric keyboard appears:

Moving Through the Screens

The Intellinav system shows you one screen at a time.
Each time you tap a button, a new screen appears.

If you want to return to go to the previous screen, tap

in the upper right corner of the screen. If you

want to go back to the map view directly, tap the
button on the upper left corner of the screen.

Resetting the Intellinav System

You should never have to reset the Intellinav System
under normal circumstances. However, in the event that
a problem cannot be corrected, you may reset the
Intellinav System by pressing the Reset button on the
bottom of the unit, using a pen or paper clip.