NIStune Type 4 User Manual

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Type 4 Hardware Installation Manual

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Soldering Tips and techniques

Feed the tips of the ribbon cable into the
holes and then support the adaptor as
shown. Working from the inside of the
ECU, carefully solder one pad from the
top to hold the adaptor in place. Take
care not to short adjacent pads or melt
the insulation of the ribbon cable. Clean
around the pads with acetone/solvent
and a cotton bud.

For Adaptor A temporarily bend one
ribbon cable out of the way to gain
access to the other as shown.

Photos show pads on each end soldered
but you may find it easier to solder one
pad towards the centre as end pads
connect to power/ground planes making
them more difficult to solder.

Turn the ECU over and place it so that
the adaptor hangs over the edge of the