NIStune Type 4 User Manual

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Type 4 Hardware Installation Manual

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Fit board to ECU

Place the Type 4 daughterboard inside the ECU and ensure that it does not push against any other components.
It may be necessary to carefully bend some components back so they do not contact the daughterboard.

Use supplied M3 screws to hold in the Type 4 daughterboard. Sometimes the screw threads may have
conformal coating in them from when the ECU had coating applied at the factory – making it difficult to fit the
screws. This may need to be removed using solvent or (preferably) by running an M3x0.5 thread tap down the

P11 Primera (3Jxx series ECU) and K11 Micra owners : These vehicles use a Bosch ECU and they do NOT
have the features to mount the daughterboard. The only way around this is to remove the main board from the
ECU and machine (mill + drill) the step + threaded holes into the case or use a case from another Nissan

*** Special thanks to Steve at FC Tuning for testing of our Type 4 boards in the UK N15 Almera and P11
Primera ***