NIStune Type 4 User Manual

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Type 4 Hardware Installation Manual

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Now you can solder away. Ensure the
solder flows right through. Extra time
may be required on the end pads due to
power/ground planes. A large “chisel”
style tip is ideal for this rather than
increasing heat.

Note size of tip in use in the photo -
using the corner of a large tip with thin
gauge solder is a very effective
technique. And the two ground pins can
be soldered simultaneously – giving very
effective heat transfer. No problems
getting solder to flow through to other
side of board here!

Clean off flux with acetone or similar
solvent. Inspect solder joints with

Watch out for solder slivers between
pads and make sure solder has flowed
through to the top side of the board.

Poor soldering is the number one
cause of problems.