NIStune Type 4 User Manual

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Type 4 Hardware Installation Manual

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Clean the row(s) of pads on both sides of the board with solvent and inspect to ensure there are no
solder slivers/bridges/blobs between any pads


Adaptor fitment

Type 4 boards are supplied with an adaptor board for your ECU type. They use a delicate flex strip
cable. Be careful not to bend the ends of the cable when fitting through the de-soldered holes in your
ECU. See Appendix A for a list of ECU vs Adaptor type.

Ensure the cable is facing the correct orientation. Trial fit the board inside your ECU and make sure the
adaptor cable will mate up properly. Square pad on the adaptor board matches up to pin 1 on the ECU
(except for W020 on the Type A adaptor which is offset by one pin and so goes to pin 2 on the ECU

Adaptor A

Adaptor B

Adaptor C