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Type 4 Hardware Installation Manual

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0603 size (small)

Found on R34 and similar ECU’s. VERY small. Remove conformal coating with acetone and cotton bud first.
Then remove jumpers using large chisel tip applied to side of jumper as per 0805’s –

use flux and extra


. The jumpers can be refitted in the new positions if you have the skills but in reality the pads are closely

spaced and can be shorted with solder. The best technique is to clean the area of flux first, then build up the
solder on each pad until it forms a tall spherical blob. Then quickly dab the soldering iron across both pads to
join them. Helps if you turn iron temperature down a tad.

Do not use flux as it will tend to puddle between

the pads and stop the solder bridge from forming..

Main points of note for moving jumpers:


You need good light.


You need some sort of visual aid (the magnifying visors available for under $20 are indispensable).


Keep everything clean – I use acetone and a cotton bud. Clean coating off first, do the job, then clean again

after soldering.

You must use flux – this is critical for a good job.


Inspect the solder joints after you’ve finished – preferably with an eyeglass. It’s very easy to have a joint that

looks fine – but closer inspection shows otherwise.

Besides getting a decent soldering iron, the rest of the gear would total under $50. Magnifying visor, eyeglass, bottle
of flux, acetone, cotton buds and a pair of fine tweezers can all be had from common electronics retailers or eBay.