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Type 4 Hardware Installation Manual

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Appendix B

Tips/techniques for moving ECU jumpers

The jumpers used on Nissan ECU’s are actually surface mount resistors of zero ohms value. If you’re not
familiar with working on surface mount technology (SMT) then you may find them somewhat fiddly to deal
with. But it’s important that they are done properly or unpredictable results may occur. Having the ECU jump
randomly between its standard configuration and using the NIStune board can be a frustrating and time
consuming fault to locate. Get it right.

There are 3 different size jumpers commonly used in Nissan ECU’s, and we use a variety of techniques to
move them.

1206 size (big)

Found on S13 SR20 and similar vintage ECU’s (N14/15, U13, RNN14). Remove conformal coating with
acetone and cotton bud. Use soldering iron one end and de-solderer on the other end (or 2 soldering irons) to
heat simultaneously. They come off quite easily. After removal clean the area again with acetone and cotton
bud. Move to other position and solder in place.

Use flux

0805 size (med)

Found on S14a/S15. Can be done same as 1206 size (fiddly though) but I’ve developed a technique using a
large chisel tip that touches both ends at once. Remove conformal coating with acetone and cotton bud first.
Then apply soldering iron from the side. Once the solder melts (sometimes you need to add a small amount of
extra solder to make the heat bridge on both ends simultaneously) just push the resistor across to the new
position (use tweezers to help hold the resistor). Works a treat –

relies heavily on using flux