Irritrol Climate Logic User Manual

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Weather Sensor Installation


3. The Climate Logic system is designed to provide

effective wireless communication in most applications.

Loss of range can result from interference in the signal

path. To verify signal reception from the selected

installation site, perform the following test:

• Start a manual watering operation of a zone that can

be seen from the installation site. Press and hold the

Sensor Test Pin. If the signal is received, watering

should shut off within a short time.

• Note the signal bars on the Home screen to verify

good signal strength. Three bars is optimal.

• Press the


key to cancel the Dry-out delay

mode to resume normal operation.

4. Install the Weather Sensor using either of the following


• For rain gutter installation, unscrew the bracket

thumbscrew enough to clear the rain gutter edge.

Holding the Weather Sensor in position, tighten the

thumbscrew securely.

• For wood structure installation, remove the

thumbscrew and secure the bracket using the

provided screws or appropriate stainless fasteners.

• Adjust the vertical alignment as needed by loosening

the phillips screw at the bracket joint; adjust to vertical,

then tighten securely.

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