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Weather Sensor Battery Replacement

Weather Sensor Battery Replacement

In normal operating conditions, the Weather Sensor’s single, 9V-Alakaline battery can provide service up

to five years. A loss of signal will result from a weak battery condition. Replace the battery as follows:
• The battery is stored in the upper half of the

sensor housing. To access the battery, release

and remove the upper housing by twisting it

clockwise while holding the base stationary.

• Disconnect the battery wire clip. Remove the

used battery and insert a fresh 9V-Alkaline

battery between the foam pad and housing.

Reconnect the battery wire clip.

• To reassemble the sensor housing, dress the

antenna wire through the lower housing,

exiting the center hole in the bottom grid.

• Mate the halves squarely, aligning the trans-

lucent dome above the mounting bracket.

• Turn the upper housing counterclockwise

to lock into lower housing (held stationary).

Note: Proper disposal of all batteries is very im-

portant for the environment and must comply

with the battery manufacturer’s recommended






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