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Connecting Up



Easy setup

This easy setup is the minimum set of
connections you need to start watching
DVD-Video discs. Both sound and picture
are fed directly to your TV using the sup-
plied Audio/Video cables. For other possible
connections, see pages 11-12.

Connecting audio/video cables

Be sure to insert each plug fully
for the best connection. The
plugs and jacks are color-coded
to make connection easier.

Connecting system control cables

By connecting this DVD player to another
Marantz audio component using a supplied
System control cable, you can remotely
operate the components as a single system.

• When connecting to component with a remote

sensor, be sure to connect the REMOTE
jack of this DVD player to the
REMOTE CONTROL OUT jack of the compo-
nent with the remote sensor.

• When connecting to component which is not

equipped with a remote sensor, be sure to
connect the component to the REMOTE
jack of this DVD player.

Flasher Input

• This is used when controlling components from

different rooms with a keypad or other input
device. Set the remote switch to EXT. (EXTER-
when using a flasher input.


Before making or changing any rear panel connec-
tions, make sure that all components are switched
off and unplugged from the wall outlet.


• When connecting to a standard TV, select

4:3 L - Box or 4:3 Pan Scan in the TV Aspect
setting (see page 45).

• Connect the video output of the player directly

to your TV. Because the player is designed to
support an Analog Protection System copy
card, there are cases when proper playback will
be not be possible if the player is connected to
the TV through a VCR and images are recorded
and played on the VCR.

• The player’s video output and S2 output will

not be progressive.

Remote switch

When using this DVD player independently, set
this switch to INT. (INTERNAL). When using
this DVD player in a system with a Marantz
receiver equipped with a remote sensor, set the
switch to EXT. (EXTERNAL).






Connect to a composite

video input on your TV using

the supplied Audio/Video


Plug into a standard AC

wall outlet.

Connect to a pair of stereo

audio inputs on your TV using

the supplied Audio/Video


RS-232C terminal

Control terminal for use by

custom installers.

See Note :

Remote switch

Flasher Input

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