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Settings are canceled.

• When the power is cut due to power failure or by

unplugging the power cord, settings will be canceled.

Before unplugging the power cord, press the POWER
button on the remote control and check that
STANDBY indicator on the front panel is lit, then press
POWER ON/OFF on the front panel to turn the
player off.

No picture/No color.

• Incorrect video connections.

Check that connections are correct and that plugs are
inserted fully.

• TV/monitor or AV amplifier settings are incorrect.

Check the instruction manual of the connected

• The Components Out menu is set to Progressive but

your TV/monitor is not compatible with progressive scan.

Reconnect the player to your TV using a composite or
S-Video cord and set the TV to the appropriate input.
Now choose the Interlace setting in the Components
menu, then switch the TV input back to the
component input. (page 47)

• Check the VIDEO ON/OFF button on the remote control

(page 15).

Screen is stretched or aspect does not change.

• The TV Screen setting in the Setup menu is incorrect.

Set the TV Screen option to match the TV/monitor
you're using (page 45).

Picture disturbance during playback or dark.

• This player is compatible with Macro-Vision System copy

guard. Some discs include a copy prevention signal, and
when this type of disc is played back, stripes etc., may
appear on some sections of the picture depending on the
TV. This is not a malfunction.

• Discs respond differently to particular player functions.

This may result in the screen becoming black for a brief
instant or shaking slightly when the function is executed.

These problems are largely due to differences between
discs and disc content and are not malfunctions of this

• When using progressive-scan

If your TV is connected using the COMPONENT
jacks, set the Components Out menu to
Interlace (page 47).

When recorded on a VCR or passed through an AV
selector, there is disturbance in the playback

• Due to the player’s copy protection circuits, connection of

this device through a VCR or an AV selector may prevent
recording or cause picture problems. This is not a


Incorrect operation is often mistaken for trouble
or malfunction. If you think that there is some-
thing wrong with this unit, check the points
below. Sometimes the trouble may lie in another
component. Inspect the other components and
electrical appliances being used. If the trouble
cannot be rectified after checking the items
below, ask your nearest MARANTZ authorized
service center or your dealer to carry out repair

The disc is ejected automatically after loading.

• Dirty or damaged disc.

See page 60 for disc care information.

• Disc not seated properly in the disc guide.

Align the disc properly.

• Incompatible region number.

If the region number on a DVD-Video disc does not
match the number on the player, the disc cannot be
used (page 9).

• Condensation inside the player.

Allow time for condensation to evaporate. Avoid using
the player near an air-conditioning unit.

Playback is not possible.

• Disc is loaded upside down.

Reload the disc with the label side face-up.

Cannot play DVD-RW disc.

• DVD-RW disc with DVD-Video format only can be played.

DVD-Audio playback stops.

• The disc may have been illegally copied.

mark appears on screen.

• The operation is prohibited by the player.

• The selected function does not operate for that disc.

Picture playback stops and the operation buttons
cannot be used.

• Press

7 (STOP), then start playback again 3 (PLAY).

• Switch the power off once using the front panel POWER

ON/OFF and then switch on again using the front panel

New settings made in the Setup screen menus while
a disc is playing are ineffective.

• Some settings can be changed while a disc is playing, but

are not effective until the disc is stopped then restarted.
This is not a malfunction.

Make the same setting when the player is stopped.


7 (STOP), then restart playback 3 (PLAY).

Note that making settings in the Setup screen menus
may cancel the RESUME function.

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