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Additional Information



The remote control doesn't seem to work.

• The remote control is too far from the player, or the angle

with the remote sensor is too wide.

Use the remote control within its operating range
(page 7).

• The batteries are exhausted.

Put in new batteries (page 7).

Cannot listen to high-sampling rate audio through
the digital output.

Linear PCM Out is set to PCM Down Sample On.

Set to Off.

• As a copy-protection measure, some DVDs do not output

96kHz audio.

In this case, even if Off is selected, the player
automatically outputs the audio at 48kHz. This is not
a malfunction.

No audio, or audio is distorted.

• Some DVD discs do not output digital audio.

Switch your amplifier to the player's analog outputs.

• Dirt, dust, etc. on the disc.

Clean the disc (page 60).

• Interconnects are not fully inserted into the terminals (or

are not connected).

Check that all interconnects are firmly inserted.

• Dirty or oxidized plugs/terminals.

Clean the plugs/terminals.

• Incorrect audio cable connection.

Check the audio connections (pages 10–12).

• Player's output is connected to the amplifier's phono

(turntable) inputs.

Connect to any set of inputs except phono.

• The disc is paused.


3 (PLAY) to exit the pause mode.

• Incorrect amplifier settings.

Check that the volume is turned up, that the speakers
are on, the input function set correctly, etc.

• The Audio Out setting is incorrect.

If there is no dialog from the front L/R speakers, set
Audio Out to 2 Channel. If there is no output from
the rear, center and subwoofer speakers, set Audio
to 5.1 Channel (page 39).

• The player is set to 5.1ch playback, but sound is only


Check that 2ch playback is not selected in the disc’s

The analog audio is OK, but there appears to be no
digital audio signal.

• Incorrect Audio Setup 1 menu settings.

Make sure that the Digital Out setting is set to On
(page 37).
Check that the Dolby Digital and DTS settings are
suitable for your amplifier—check the amp's instruc-
tion manual.

Noticeable difference in DVD and CD volume.

• DVDs and CDs use different recording methods. This is

not a malfunction.

Cannot play multi-channel audio.

• Make sure that 5.1 Channel is selected in the Audio Out

menu (page 39).

• Check that the settings in the Speaker Setting screen are

correct (page 40).

• Check the audio options available from the disc’s menu.

No digital audio output.

• Check that Digital Out setting is set to On (page 37).

• Some DVD-Audio discs prohibit digital audio output.

• No digital audio is output when playing Super Audio CDs.

• Connect to the i.LINK port or the analog audio output

jacks. (page 55)

Cannot output 192kHz or 176.4kHz digital audio.

The player does not output digital audio at these
sampling rates.

Cannot output 96kHz or 88.2kHz digital audio.

• Check that the PCM Down Sample setting is not set to

On (page 38).

• Some discs are digital copy protected and do not output

high sampling rate digital audio.

No DTS audio output.

• If this unit is connected to a non-DTS compaible amplifier

or decoder using a digital audio cable, set DTS Digital
to PCM in the Setup menu. If you do not do this,
noise will be output if you try and play a DTS disc.

• If this unit is connected to a DTS-compatible amplifier or

decoder using a digital audio cable, check the amplifier
settings, and that the cable is properly connected.

Audio mix does not sound right or sounds incom-
plete (for example, inaudible dialog).

• Incorrect Setup menu settings.

Make sure that 2 Channel output is selected for the
Audio Out menu option if you've connected to the
stereo inputs on your amplifier or TV (page 39).

• If the power is switched off before exiting the Setup

menu, the settings are not stored.

Make sure that you exit the Setup menu after changing
any settings before switching off.

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