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Handling discs

When holding discs of any type, take care not to
leave fingerprints, dirt or scratches on the disc
surface. Hold the disc by its edge or by the center
hole and edge.

Damaged or dirty discs can affect playback
performance. Take care also not to scratch the
label side of the disc. Although not as fragile as
the recorded side, scratches can still result in a
disc becoming unusable.

Should a disc become marked with fingerprints,
dust, etc., clean using a soft, dry cloth, wiping the
disc lightly from the center to the outside edge as
shown in the diagram below.

Wipe lightly from the
center of the disc using
straight strokes.

Don’t wipe the disc surface
using circular strokes.

If necessary, use a cloth soaked in alcohol, or a
commercially available CD/DVD cleaning kit to
clean a disc more thoroughly. Never use benzine,
thinner or other cleaning agents, including
products designed for cleaning vinyl records.

Storing discs

Although CDs and DVD discs are more durable
than vinyl records, you should still take care to
handle and store discs correctly. When you're not
using a disc, return it to its case and store upright.
Avoid leaving discs in excessively cold, humid, or
hot environments (including under direct sun-

Don't glue paper or put stickers onto the disc, or
use a pencil, ball-point pen or other sharp-tipped
writing instrument. These could all damage the

For more detailed care information see the
instructions that come with discs.

Do not load more than one disc into the player.

Discs to avoid

Discs spin at high speed inside the player. If you
can see that a disc is cracked, chipped, warped, or
otherwise damaged, don't risk using it in your
player—you could end up damaging the unit.

This unit is designed for use with conventional,
fully circular discs only. Use of shaped discs is not
recommended for this product.

Cleaning the pickup lens

The DVD player’s lens should not become dirty in
normal use, but if for some reason it should
malfunction due to dust or dirt, consult your
nearest MARANTZ-authorized service center.
Although lens cleaners for CD players are commer-
cially available, we do not recommend using them
since some may damage the lens.

Problems with condensation

Condensation may form inside the player if it is
brought into a warm room from outside, or if the
temperature of the room rises quickly. Although
the condensation won’t damage the player, it may
temporarily impair its performance. For this reason
you should leave it to adjust to the warmer
temperature for about an hour before switching on
and using.

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