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Additional Information



Hints on installation

We want you to enjoy using this unit for years to
come, so please bear in mind the following points
when choosing a suitable location for it:


✓ Use in a well-ventilated room.

✓ Place on a solid, flat, level surface, such as a

table, shelf or stereo rack.


✗ Use in a place exposed to high temperatures or

humidity, including near radiators and other
heat-generating appliances.

✗ Place on a window sill or other place where the

player will be exposed to direct sunlight.

✗ Use in an excessively dusty or damp environ-


✗ Place directly on top of an amplifier, or other

component in your stereo system that becomes
hot in use.

✗ Use near a television or monitor as you may

experience interference—especially if the
television uses an indoor antenna.

✗ Use in a kitchen or other room where the player

may be exposed to smoke or steam.

✗ Use on a thick rug or carpet, or cover with

cloth—this may prevent proper cooling of the

✗ Place on an unstable surface, or one that is not

large enough to support all four of the unit’s

Moving the player

If you need to move the player, first press POWER
button on the front panel to turn the
player off, then unplug the power cord. Never lift
or move the unit during playback—discs rotate at
a high speed and may be damaged.

Power cord caution

Handle the power cord by the plug part. Do not
pull out the plug by tugging the cord, and never
touch the power cord when your hands are wet, as
this could cause a short circuit or electric shock.
Do not place the unit, a piece of furniture, or
other object on the power cord or pinch the cord
in any other way. Never make a knot in the cord or
tie it with other cords. The power cords should be
routed so that they are not likely to be stepped
on. A damaged power cord can cause a fire or give
you an electric shock. Check the power cord once
in a while. If you find it damaged, ask your nearest
MARANTZ authorized service center or your
dealer for a replacement.

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